First sign of Spring

First signs of spring

Although we had 10 inches of snow yesterday in my town, I’m glad to report that I also saw the first signs of spring. Zelda is shedding. Massively. Despite the wintery outlook, under her blanket is several birds’ nests worth of loose hair. I didn’t clip her after hunting season, so she has enough coat for several horses.

Shedding out is the reminder that days are getting longer. It’s no longer dark at 4:30 (although it has been wickedly cold). It’s quite a treat to be at the barn at 5 p.m. and discover that I don’t have to turn the outside lights on. Now, if only we could get it to warm up a few degrees.

4 thoughts on “First sign of Spring

  1. I hate shedding season. I love shedding season. For the former, it’s like I can’t get near a horse without his hair somehow getting into my mouth, my gloves, my eyes…yet I love it because it means spring is coming.

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