First sign of Spring

First signs of spring

Although we had 10 inches of snow yesterday in my town, I’m glad to report that I also saw the first signs of spring. Zelda is shedding. Massively. Despite the wintery outlook, under her blanket is several birds’ nests worth of loose hair. I didn’t clip her after hunting season, so she has enough coat […]

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The first signs of spring!

Shedding hair

As sure as a crocus or a daffodil poking its head through a ground hard with winter, once your horse starts shedding, spring is just around the corner. Zelda is shedding voluminous amounts of hair. No matter how many times I run my favorite shedding tool over her, more hair appears. It makes me wonder […]

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It’s Shedding Season

Most people might call this season Spring. If you have a horse, you know it as shedding season. The time of the year when you are always covered with errant horse hairs. It’s worse than hay, and that’s saying something! Poor Curly. As a Bashkir Curly horse she has more hair than Zelda and Freedom […]

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It’s shedding time and the SleekEZ is getting a workout

It’s shedding season. An unbelievable amount of hair is coming off both of my horses and I need help. Last fall the folks at SleekEZ sent me a set of three of their grooming tools for me to review. Of course, last fall there was no real hair to remove. I used the tools occasionally […]

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Let ’em shed? Or clip it all off?

The temperatures in the Boston area are expected to be in the 70s in the coming week — after being in the high 60s earlier this week. It’s not often that I can ride in shirt sleeves in March and feel hot! Not to complain, but the heat is getting to Freedom, too. Although I […]

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