It’s Shedding Season

Most people might call this season Spring. If you have a horse, you know it as shedding season. The time of the year when you are always covered with errant horse hairs. It’s worse than hay, and that’s saying something!

Curly shedding
While the horses were eating today, I ran the SleekEZ over all of them. The amount of hair that comes off Curly is amazing.

Poor Curly. As a Bashkir Curly horse she has more hair than Zelda and Freedom combined. In fact, I think we could probably create several smaller horses just from her extra hair.

Most of the time, I clip my horses to accelerate the process. The only time I tried to clip Curly, the motor overheated. Her hair isn’t just curly, it’s dense. And it grows in different directions!

Freedom is shedding out pretty nicely right now. Zelda, I’ll probably clip. How do you get your horses shed out?

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