My childhood barn

FAO Schwartz

This photo was posted on Facebook recently, by someone selling this vintage toy barn. I can vividly remember the Christmas where this fabulous barn from the toystore F.A.O. Schwartz was under the tree. Oh, the hours of entertainment this provided! I don’t know how many kids these days lie on the floor and create riding […]

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Take the Hunt Seat Paper Co. Paper Doll Challenge

Now here’s a set of paper dolls we can get behind. The Hunt Seat Paper Company is running a really fun competition. Download the PDF of their dolls and clothing on white card stock, then dress up your dolls with the clothing provided. Once you’re happy with your dolls, stage them, take a photo and […]

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The Gateway Drug to Horse Addiction

Breyer horses

When I was a kid, living in New York City and dreaming of my own pony, I lived for Breyer model horses. There were two or three stores that I frequented, my nose literally pressed up against the display cases imaging which horse or pony would be added to my herd. The purchasing process was […]

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Do they make bigger ones?

Wow does this look like fun. If they came in a larger size, I’d definitely have a couple in my “stable.” And when I was the age of these kids, I’d have given my left arm for one.

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Hobbyhorse Revolution

Imagine an equestrian sport where the horses are, well, hobby horses.  That’s right, stuffed horse heads attached to sticks. The type of toy you might well have “ridden” as a kid and which closely resemble the Quidditch sticks of Harry Potter. But Hobbyhorsing is a serious sport in Finland where more than 10,000 athletes (mostly […]

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Belly Deep

Here in New England we are still digging out from the storm . . . with more snow expected over night Another point of reference is Rockinghorse ranch. Some of the smaller ponies are completely submerged.   We are expecting wickedly cold temperatures here for the next week. I really don’t like waking up to […]

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