Belly Deep

Here in New England we are still digging out from the storm . . . with more snow expected over night


Another point of reference is Rockinghorse ranch. Some of the smaller ponies are completely submerged.



We are expecting wickedly cold temperatures here for the next week. I really don’t like waking up to negative numbers.

this morning's temperature
I’m not crazy about negative temperatures. By the time I went to feed the horses it was all the way up to -4 degrees.

7 thoughts on “Belly Deep

  1. Oh my gosh! I was just thinking about you trudging through the snow to feed in snow shoes! That is a lot of SNOW! Are you getting to drive again though?!? I hope so! It looks like montana temperatures with a lot of snow (we never have that much snow on the plains for very long, it all blows away!) Stay warm, and unburied! Did I say that’s a lot of snow?!? ha!

  2. Thankfully the ban on driving lasted only a day. The kids had two days off school and we are more or less back to normal . . . at least until the next storm!

    1. I always feed extra hay when it’s cold like this and usually add some soaked hay cubes at night. It’s probably more for me than for them, though. They are unfazed, even when it’s so cold out that I have to warm up in the car after feeding the first barn.

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