Boot-Sucking Mud

Boot-sucking mud

Courtesy of Tropical Storm Elsa, our paddocks now have the most incredible boot-sucking mud. It’s seriously bad. I’ve been feeding the horses in the middle of the field as I hate for them to stand in the mud by the gate, although to be honest, it’s pretty hard to find anything that resembles dry land. […]

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Golden Afternoons

Golden afternoons

It may be winter, but we still have golden afternoons. Even with no leaves on the trees, the sun caresses the branches and stops you in your tracks with the sheer beauty of nature. My horses’ barn is one of the loveliest places, and I feel privileged to visit it every day. Especially now, when […]

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Tick eating Machines

Tick eating machine

I’m starting to feel more kindly toward the turkeys in the field since I’ve discovered they are tick eating machines. Each wild turkey eats up to 200 ticks per day. This evening, when I fed, there were eight adult turkeys in Freedom’s field. That’s 1,600 ticks per day, 11,2000 ticks per week and 48,000 ticks […]

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The challenges of riding indoors

Although I’d like to spend some time riding indoors this winter, I do remember the challenges. Unless you ride at “off” times, riding in your barn’s indoor is a bit like navigating Route 128 at rush hour. Busy and slow. What’s worse? The dressage queen who is sure she has the right of way? Or […]

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One Day of Winter

It’s been a warm winter so far. Not much snow to speak of, especially when you consider that two years ago there were about three feet of snow on the ground right about now. When I left for the barn this morning to meet my farrier, there was no snow. The forecast was for snow […]

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Please don’t feed the horses

Zelda’s pasture is right next to an access road that leads into a popular trail system and at this time of year — with no leaves on the trees — the horses are very exposed.  And, apparently, inviting. Please note that I have put signs up asking people not to feed or touch the horses […]

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