Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage

While I’ve been on “stall rest” Zelda and her BFF, Curly, have been enjoying the amazing fall weather. Fall in New England is such an amazing season and this year it seemed like the colors appeared almost over night. The spectacular colors make up for the fact that soon the ground will be covered in snow.

Curly is the perfect color to camouflage among the leaves.
The girls appreciate the cooler weather and the grass. After a summer of drought, the grass is spectacular.
I think Zelda has always lived in nicer places than I do!
This is the trail in between their pastures.

4 thoughts on “Fall Foliage

  1. There’s just something wonderful about fall and horses. Maybe it’s the release from the heat of summer and the escape from (most) of the bugs, but for me..it’s just the clear October blue sky, the background of a riot of leaves, and just a good horse in the foreground.

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