Golden Afternoons

Golden afternoons

It may be winter, but we still have golden afternoons. Even with no leaves on the trees, the sun caresses the branches and stops you in your tracks with the sheer beauty of nature. My horses’ barn is one of the loveliest places, and I feel privileged to visit it every day. Especially now, when so many of us have curtailed our daily activities, I look forward to the peaceful time, welcomed by hungry horses, soft nickers and the promise of summer in the golden color of the sun.

I watched a Ted talk recently, where the speaker talked about the different kinds of “rest’ that we need. Creative rest reawakens the awe and wonder inside each of us. Taking in the beauty of nature is that reset button that provides me with that restoration. Sometimes I’m even lucky enough to catch that moment in time.

4 thoughts on “Golden Afternoons

    1. Well, we don’t really have one either. Just run in sheds. But I’ll take a photo of the barn. It’s actually why we sent Curly to the equine clinic. There are no stalls where the horses live.

  1. I had the same situation when I kept my arab, Jordan, here at home. Just a run in shed that he had freedom to come and go at leisure, 24/7. The funny thing about it was: in the winter, I’d keep him blanketed. In our downpour rains of winter, he’d be in the shed, his blanketed body (relatively) dry and out of the rain, and his bare head and neck in the rain.

    1. In the summer, the horses spend a lot of time in the sheds. They mostly stay out of them in the winter, unless it’s very cold and windy. Even when it’s wet they are usually outside. It makes me wonder about all the time I kept my horses in because it was too cold!

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