Do they make bigger ones?

Wow does this look like fun. If they came in a larger size, I’d definitely have a couple in my “stable.” And when I was the age of these kids, I’d have given my left arm for one.

4 thoughts on “Do they make bigger ones?

  1. Good morning! They do indeed make them bigger – adult size! I’ve “ridden” around on some of them and it’s soooo much fun, but also quite a workout!

    1. OMG. I have to find one. I wouldn’t mind having a fun way to get a work out in. It seems like toys are getting more fun. I loved my “Big Red” bouncy horse when I was little (the old kind with the metal springs that would remove your fingers if you weren’t careful) but he didn’t go anywhere except in my imagination.

      1. I think, if those things had better steering and ANY brakes at all, I’d ride one to and from work (about a mile either way) und get really super tight legs and abs!
        When last I asked about price, the adult models cost around 600-800 €, they’re about maybe 4-4.5 feet high and move quite fast (I rode one around a shopping mall, going “Wheeeeeee” all the time). Sadly I have no clue where to get one in the US.

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