Whoa not Woah! Or is it?

whoa or woah?

Recently, I’ve seen the word “whoa” written as “woah” or even “whoah” several times. A little research shows that many people are confused over a word that is as natural to us as breathing. In fact, whoa is quite an ancient word and the spelling that’s developed may have to do with where you live. […]

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There’s no shame in using a mounting block!

Mounting log

After my accident, climbing onto Zelda seemed even more daunting than before. She’s a large girl and it’s a long way up! Even now, I’m not sure that I could get on her from the ground. Freedom is shorter and not so wide. In a pinch, I’ve been able to position him downhill and then […]

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The debate over SafeSport: is it keeping our children safe?


Everyone’s read about the Larry Nassar scandal with the US Gymnastics team. Now equestrian sports are getting their turn under the microscope of sexual misconduct. In June, California trainer Rob Gage committed suicide after being banned for life for sexual misconduct with a minor. Last year, the New York Times Wrote an expose on ┬áJimmy […]

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Rings and Riders don’t Mix

expandable ring

Granted, I’ve been more cautious since my accident, but my latest concern has been about jewelry. As the weather here has gotten warmer, I noticed my rings was getting tighter. To the point where I wasn’t sure I could get my engagement ring off without a considerable struggle. That got me thinking. Could I get […]

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Spring Fever

It’s finally warming up here in New England. After last year, riding in the snow (and potential ice) lost its appear for me, so I waited for it to melt. But now that it’s warm enough to ride, the horses are experiencing spring fever in the worst way. There’s a lot of snorting, spooking and […]

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Lost and Found

lost earings

Jewelry and horses don’t really mix. I’ve had a couple of near misses. Once, a managed to break the chain of a necklace when I was jumping a fence and the end of my crop got tangled in the chain. It sent my favorite amethyst pendant flying into the grass. After my lesson I walked […]

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Does your horse have a “tell”?

Yesterday was warm-ish for winter, but had a wind with a biting edge. Zelda and I went out for a hack and when that wind got under her tail, I could feel the buck rising in her. Luckily, Zelda has a “tell”. She’d be a terrible poker player because when she’s going to be naughty […]

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