Riding Rules for Middle Aged Horsewomen

Zelda selfie

Shamelessly borrowwed from Facebook, these made me laugh. Zelda has special appreciation for #10 and I am certainly guilty of #12. I love my Western Sport Sensation (photos soon). One more rule to add: Selfies must be taken to document the event. We DO NOT need to show up with our hair combed and wearing […]

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All I want for Christmas . . .

Fox in the Snow

The Chronicle of the Horse republished this classic Cookie McClung column recently. I’ve copied it here. How amazing to give someone the gift of an experience-of-a-lifetime. Every time the Chronicle reposts one of her columns, I remember I loved her writing more than anything else in the magazine while I was growing up. For those […]

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How long will you keep riding?

Dinnie Greenway

After my accident, many people asked me if I’d stopped riding. Honestly, that never crossed my mind. I was too concerned by figuring out how soon I could get back on my horse. While I do know people who have chosen to enjoy horses from the ground, rather than in the saddle, I’d like to […]

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Toughen up Snowflake! The cult of bullying coaches

What am I looking for?

George Morris has been in the equestrian news a lot these days. His ban is due to findings that he sexually molested minors. But the other thing that’s been talked about a lot is his coaching style. Honestly, I thought that would bring him down long ago. Let’s face it. George Morris epitomizes the bullying […]

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Whoa not Woah! Or is it?

whoa or woah?

Recently, I’ve seen the word “whoa” written as “woah” or even “whoah” several times. A little research shows that many people are confused over a word that is as natural to us as breathing. In fact, whoa is quite an ancient word and the spelling that’s developed may have to do with where you live. […]

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There’s no shame in using a mounting block!

Mounting log

After my accident, climbing onto Zelda seemed even more daunting than before. She’s a large girl and it’s a long way up! Even now, I’m not sure that I could get on her from the ground. Freedom is shorter and not so wide. In a pinch, I’ve been able to position him downhill and then […]

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