Does being an equestrian make you a better person?

Does being an equestrian make you a better person

Alex Titan, who is pursuing his Masters Degree at Catholic University of Brasilia, is seeing to answer the question, does being an equestrian makes you a better person. He is surveying horse lovers about whether engaging in equestrian sport develop, beyond physical qualities, the athletes’ moral qualities?

The project is based on two educational theories revolving around the personality traits which differentiate equestrian athletes from other athletes. It aims to measure, through previously selected qualities (self-confidence, courage, discipline, zeal), to what extent some moral qualities are developed through the practice of equestrianism. The first theory is based on the views of Benjamin Bloom, whose research showed that educational settings and home environments can foster human potential. The second theory is based on the views of Pierre Bourdieu, who developed the concept of habitus by which he meant a culture or worldview that is associated with a social class or social group.

Titan, who was Sport Competition Manager for Eventing and Para-Dressage at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, is asking equestrians to take a survey that should take about 15 minutes to complete. It is available in several languages, and closes on July 31, 2020. Click on the language of your choice to access the study.

It’s an interesting study. I’m not sure that I understand how all the questions correspond to being an equestrian, but I’m willing to help the student collect a meaningful data sample.

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