Equestrian Stretches

Since my accident I’ve been doing a lot of Physical Therapy. A lot. When I first started going, it took me almost two hours to go through the full spectrum of exercises, given how many things I was rehabbing. I still go to PT and now it takes a mere 90 minutes :). I suspect […]

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How your Riding Influences your Horse

Horses move pretty well on their own. Add a rider and they have to carry us AND balance themselves. Add a rider who is crooked? And you start to see it reflected in your horse. Some horses are more forgiving than others. My Trakehner, Kroni, was a horse who insisted that you ride him correctly. […]

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Why I won’t go to Equine Affaire

Equine Affaire

Equine Affaire opened today in Massachusetts. For those of you not familiar with the annual event, EA is an exhibition, trade show, breed show extraordinaire. There are clinics and demonstrations. There are presentations and there is tons and tons of shopping. Springfield, where the event is held, is a shade under two hours away from […]

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I’m just glad to have a glass

I'm just glad to have a glass

The past few months have been filled with stress. Not just because of my own recovery, which is going well, but because my parents have had health issues. Some days there is so much to worry about that it pushes all the oxygen out of the room. Then I find time to slip away and […]

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Summer is just starting in Australia

During today’s nor’easter, it was very nice to imagine riding in the crystal clear waters in Western Australia, where summer is just beginning. Sign me up!

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A New Relationship with Fear

Your Biggest Fear

Since my accident my relationship with fear has changed. It’s become tactile and dimensional, I can taste it and feel the coils of uncertainty sometimes tighter, sometimes looser. At its worst, my breathing gets shallow and my body tenses. Fear has boundaries. It lets me go just so far, and not a step further. I […]

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Drop that Sword!

Drop that sword

As someone who has ridden in several reenactments, I can only say this is my worst nightmare. You never really know what your horse will do when faced with a crowd. For several years, dressed as Capt. William Smith, I “roused” the Lincoln Minute Men as part of the Patriot’s Day celebrations. I can still […]

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