Save Misty of Chincoteague’s Home, Beebe Ranch

beebe ranch

If you’re an equestrian or a fan of Marguerite Henry’s beloved novel, Misty of Chincoteague, then you know the importance of the Beebe Ranch on Chincoteague Island. The Beebe Ranch is where iconic fictional characters Paul and Maureen Beebee (based on Billy and Maureen Beebe). The story centers on the children’s desire to buy the […]

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Football and Foals SBLVII Watch Party

Football and Foals Superbowl Party

If I were going to watch the Superbowl this year, there’s no question that the best place to watch it from would be at Warm Springs Ranch, where four Clydesdale foals are hosting a sold-out Super Bowl 2023 party. Your $100 ticket entitles you to watch the Superbowl on one of four TVs, dinner, cold […]

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Olympic Horses arrive in Tokyo

Olympic horses arrive at Haneda airport

Thousands of athletes are arriving in Tokyo, including 325 Olympic horses, who will compete in both Olympic and Paralympic events . The first 35 horses to arrive are those competing in Dressage which landed in Tokyo today, flying from Belgium to Tokyo via Dubai (for refueling). The flight took 18 hours and cost about $15,000 […]

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Big Jake, the World’s Tallest Horse, Dies at 20

Big Jake

Big Jake, the Belgian gelding who held the title of the world’s tallest horse in the Guinness Book of World records, passed away on at the end of June at age 20. Without shoes, Big Jake measured 20.2.75 hands (almost 6’89” at the withers) and weighed 2500 lbs. I first wrote about him in 2014. […]

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Old Billy, the World’s Oldest Horse

Old Billy, the World's Oldest Horse

Who would have guessed that the world’s oldest horse lived from 1760 to 1822 — that’s right, he was 62 years old and lived to that ripe old age at a time when horses were work animals and veterinary care was primitive at best. Even today, the life span of the “average” horse is only […]

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Triple Crown Showdown will take place on May 2

Triple Crown Showdown

The “real” Kentucky Derby may not take place until September 5th, but Churchill Downs is keeping the action going with a virtual Triple Crown Showdown where the 13 Triple Crown winners will race one another in a computer simulation under the historic Twin Spires of Churchill Downs. The virtual race, created by Inspired Entertainment, will […]

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Where the Great Bucking Horses Retire

Ty Murray's grave markers for bucking horses

Sometimes you read something that just makes you feel good about people. Today I came across a post on Facebook by Ty Murray, considered to be one greatest rodeo cowboys ever. After retiring from rodeo competition, he has made a practice of retiring great bucking horses to his ranch in Texas. 12 grave markers sit […]

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The midnight ride of . . . Sybil Ludington

sybil ludington statue

On April 15th, Lincoln, the town where I lived celebrated the alarm and muster of the minutemen. That was the night when Paul Revere rode out from Boston to warn that the British regulars were marching on Concord. What many people don’t realize is that Revere was captured in Lincoln. There’s a monument marking the […]

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