Save Misty of Chincoteague’s Home, Beebe Ranch

beebe ranch
Misty and Stormy at the Beebe Ranch

If you’re an equestrian or a fan of Marguerite Henry’s beloved novel, Misty of Chincoteague, then you know the importance of the Beebe Ranch on Chincoteague Island. The Beebe Ranch is where iconic fictional characters Paul and Maureen Beebee (based on Billy and Maureen Beebe). The story centers on the children’s desire to buy the wild pony of their dreams and the challenges they faced to make that dream a reality.

The real Misty shown with Paul Beebe

Sadly, the Beebe Ranch, where the real Misty lived, is now for sale. The family can no longer afford to maintain the property and there is an offer pending by developers. However, the family has offered to sell the property to the Museum of Chincoteague Island if they can match the $625,000 offer. The Museum has started a fundraiser to try and save the property — they have just 30 days to raise the money. If the fundraiser is successful, the museum will buy the property and preserve it. They will also keep it open for visitors. If they are not able to raise the full amount, they will return all of the donations.

“Knowing the Beebe family has preserved it, protected it all these many years and is now looking for a steward to help them in the future, we at the museum with Chincoteague desperately want to be able to do that for them.”

Cindy Faith, Museum of Chincoteague’s Executive Director

Why Save the Beebe Ranch?

The last 10 acres of Beebe Ranch and the original house are for sale.

The Beebe Ranch is an important part of American history. First, it is where Misty was born. The steps Misty is pictured walking up in Marguerite Henry’s book and the house Misty stayed in are still standing, although the barn burned in 2019. It’s where Misty had three foals and where she passed away. Now, it’s home to Drizzle and Angle, 4th and 5th generation descendants of Misty. 

But it’s not just the home of Misty, it’s also where the real-life Pony Penning event takes place every year. This event was immortalized in Henry’s book and has been taking place since 1925. It’s a time-honored tradition that brings people from all over the world to Chincoteague Island.

How Can You Help?

There are many ways that you can help support this cause. You can donate money to the fundraiser, or you can help spread the word about it. Every little bit helps! As of tonight, the GoFundMe site shows $61,660 raised of the $625,000 goal.

Donations can be made through the Museum of Chincoteague Island website, GoFundMe or by mailing a check to PO Box 352 Chincoteague Island, VA, 23336. For further information, please feel free to call the museum directly at 757-336-6117.

3 thoughts on “Save Misty of Chincoteague’s Home, Beebe Ranch

  1. THank you for this information. Marguerite Henry and her fabulous illustrator, Wesley Dennis (?) provided this horse crazy city girl with some hope that someday I’d have a horse. And I have done that, now. Interestingly, I was stationed in Maryland for several years with the US Army and while I really don’t like the east coast, MD was a very nice place to live. I did go and tour the Outer Banks and while I didn’t see any ponies, still…just being on Assateague evoked a lot of memories of her books.
    When I first read “Misty” I was so young I didn’t really understand a lot of it. Living in Detroit, I had no concept of hurricanes or storm surges. What I remember best about the book was “Wait A Minute”, the cat who couldn’t, and the dog taking shelter in the smoke house. Smart dog!!!!

    I’ve donated. Thanks, Liz. Let’s keep one bit of equine history out of the hands of a greedy developer.

    1. I have never been to Chincoteague/Assateague but it’s been on my bucket list forever. I’ve also donated and hope the blog can let others know. It popped up on my Facebook page but otherwise would not have heard of it.

    2. I received an update from Cindy Faith the museum’s director. “We are just a little shy of 200,000 which is really great news. We certainly have a long way to go but I am encouraged by the continued support and comments coming in. I appreciate you and all that you’re doing to make this happen. Keep up the great work and we will pull this off together.”

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