Cautiously Optimistic

Cautiously optimistic

So far, so good. I’m cautiously optimistic about Zelda surviving hunt season without another flare-up of ulcers. We’ve been taking it easy — trailer training has helped, and I’ve been mixing it up, so that every trailer ride isn’t to a hunt. Last week we went to a hunter pace, which was more low key […]

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All I want for Christmas . . .

Fox in the Snow

The Chronicle of the Horse republished this classic Cookie McClung column recently. I’ve copied it here. How amazing to give someone the gift of an experience-of-a-lifetime. Every time the Chronicle reposts one of her columns, I remember I loved her writing more than anything else in the magazine while I was growing up. For those […]

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A hunting we shall go!

Zelda before the Hunt

This morning, when I walked into my kitchen there was a fox in my backyard. A pretty healthy adult, who wandered around, hunting chipmonks. I figured it was an omen. I’ve been looking for the right day to hunt since last fall — it had to be not too cold, not too muddy, not too […]

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Getting Fit

The end of my summer was busy. And it didn’t include a lot of riding. So now I need to get myself and the equines in shape for hunting. Pronto. The only way to do that is to cover some miles. Right now I’m riding the horses about five miles per day doing walk/trot intervals. […]

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The best of fall hunting

I haven’t hunted much this fall but Monday’s Columbus Day Hunt was so spectacular that it made up for the missed days. It was a magnificent warm day and the fall foliage is at its peak here in New England. I was a bit worried that Zelda would be a handful but she made a […]

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The squeal is back

In the heat of the summer, Zelda was pretty placid. There was none of the running, the bucking, the rearing, and, most importantly the squealing. She makes a ridiculous high pitched squeal that is quite unladylike and sounds particularly absurd coming from such a big horse. Now that we’veĀ  had some cool mornings. The squeal […]

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Fall Hunting Begins!

Tuesday was the first day of fall hunting. It didn’t feel like fall, it still felt like summer. I was leery about hunting — I’d been away for a few days and I knew Zelda would be fresh. In the end, it was too nice out to pass up, so I compromised. I headed over […]

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