Fall Hunting Begins!

Fall Hunting
Our first day out for the season. Zelda had a great time!

Tuesday was the first day of fall hunting. It didn’t feel like fall, it still felt like summer. I was leery about hunting — I’d been away for a few days and I knew Zelda would be fresh.

In the end, it was too nice out to pass up, so I compromised. I headed over a bit late and rode the first piece alone, meeting the rest of the hunt at the first check. It was a good choice because it gave Zelda the chance to settle before the excitement began.

Zelda gets very enthusiastic about hunting and needs to learn a few manners about waiting patiently, but once she gets going, she’s very good.

It was a beautiful day.

The hounds come in
One of the last of the hounds came in, very happy to be with staff. She didn’t like being out there alone!
Good Hounds
The hounds get their treats after a good hunt.


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