What a difference a day makes

Standing up
This morning I was pleased to see Freedom was walking normally and standing on all four legs.

Yesterday Freedom could barely walk. By this morning, he was standing on all four legs, eagerly looking for his breakfast. Gone was the woe-begone look. What a relief!

I had some time this afternoon so I went back over to check how the abscess was draining (it still is) and he looks so perky that I thought I would take him out for a walk. At least I’d try sitting on him to see if he could walk sound with a rider.

Happy ears
Freedom was happy to be out for a walk today. I can’t believe he went from three legged lame to happy to walk out in about 30 hours.

He felt much better than I expected. He enjoyed getting out of his paddock and he marched along with his hear pricked and a spring (rather than a limp) in his step. The hardest party was keeping him at a walk. He wanted to go faster. I sure hope he feels even better tomorrow.


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