Freedom Finally Gets a Turn

Freedom's trail ride

Zelda has been my “go to” rehab horse. Although she’s big (it’s a long way to the ground when I dismount), she’s steady and, let’s face it: her default speed is slow. “Do we have to trot?” she’ll ask me when we work in the ring. “Again?” Left to her own devices, ambling along for […]

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A Very Happy Day

Back on Zelda

Today was my first day back riding Zelda. It’s been almost four months since our fall. We went on a nice hack to celebrate Mother’s Day, and Zelda was very well behaved. The ride was the perfect end of a day that started with a tasty brunch and moved on to a walk in a […]

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It’s Melting

Zelda and I went out for one more snow day before the rains come and wash the rest of it away. We’ve enjoyed our days of warmth, although none as much as Freedom. He’s had a blissed out look on his face all week. Can you tell that he really hated the cold weather? Tomorrow […]

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Finally Warm Enough to Ride

Today the high was nearly 40. That’s a nice contrast to the -10 that I woke up to on Sunday morning. Between the frigid weather, the blizzard and a nasty cold I was starting to forget that snow and horses can also be fun. Since rain is predicted for Friday, getting a few rides in […]

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