Zelda and the Blustery Day

Blustery day

Today was the first sunny day after a week of rain. So what if the wind was blowing at typhoon levels. Okay, maybe not that high, but enough to wonder if you might fall over. I had to ride. I’ve had a long tough week with very limited horse time. So I started with a […]

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A Hack with Friends

Hacking in Great Brook

This fall has been busy, with no time yet to hunt. However, Zelda and I did manage to go out for a nice hack with our hunting friends this week. It was an overcast day, but warm. And the fall foliage still glowed. We met at one of our local state parks — which is […]

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A gift at the end of the day


Yesterday was one of those days where things go wrong. The kind of day where you upgrade the operating system on your computer and it wipes your hard drive. The kind of day where you go run errands and realize you left your wallet at home. The kind of day where you wonder why you […]

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Nature’s stained glass

Nature's stained glass

Fall is nature’s way of making up for the fact that winter is coming. The light coming through the leaves is so beautiful that you almost forget that it’s now dark at 6:15 and that some mornings it’s only 40 degrees. This fall I haven’t had the chance to go on as many adventures as […]

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The glowing colors of a New England Fall

The perfect field

Late September is one of my favorite times of year. It’s still warm and the colors are shifting to brilliant reds and soft oranges and yellows. When the wind blows the acorns fall from the oak trees like summer  hail. Woe to the rider who is hit with the pitter patter of tiny weapons! Over […]

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Getting Freedom Fit Again


After a long summer of growing out his hoof, Freedom finally is back under saddle. I’m taking it easy right now, mostly walking him. Or at least walking him as much as he will tolerate. It’s just as well that the “live” version of the featured photo doesn’t show all the head tossing or jigging […]

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Is there anything better than an early morning ride with a friend?

Summer morning ride

How much fun it was to meet a friend and take an early morning ride. The bugs were miserable in the woods, but out in the open you barely noticed them. It’s easy to kill an hour or so hacking in the summer sunshine, letting your horse grab a snack along the way (Zelda was […]

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