The best view

The Best View

After a long, stressful week with too much work, election stresses, and not enough time for fun, this is the best view ever. Last Friday we had four inches of snow. This Friday it was 72 degrees out. I’ll take it.

While the snow decimated the fall foliage, there were still enough leaves this afternoon to capture the golden fall light. Everything was sparkling in the last of the sun. The geese were too lazy to move out of our way as we passed by and Zelda did not complain about stopping to take many photos. Even with her trace clip she must have been hot; it was tee-shirt weather and she looks like a fuzzy caterpillar.

The most excitement came when we ran into another horse on a trail where we rarely see one. Zelda acted like an alien had landed from outer space. She froze and tracked the progress of the intruder, refusing to move forward, snorting like a dragon. When we eventually got close enough to say hello, she visibly relaxed. I worried that she might not want to leave her new-found friend, but once she had determined that this was, indeed, a horse, she marched off happily to face a family of deer and the other wild creatures we encounter on a daily basis.

Since we won’t have too many more days like this, I wanted to capture the way the light lit up the trees, casting a warm glow over the world.

I love the way the light hits the few remaining leaves on the trees, lighting them up so that they glow.
Most of the leaves are gone and those that remain have faded to a pumpkin orange. But there were still some dramatic landscapes.
The water was so still it served as a perfect reflecting pool.
I will admit to playing hooky this afternoon. I didn’t want to miss the warm sunshine and the golden light.

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