Spring, Glorious Spring

Spring, Glorious Spring

Spring is probably my favorite season. After surviving another New England winter, I love watching the world turn green. At Zelda’s new barn, we are right on the trail system of my town and our casual loop takes us through some gorgeous fields and grassy paths. It feels good to be out in the sunshine.

This magnificent field is on our “circuit”.

Since I’m still feeling the effects of my broken ankle, we’re taking it easy. Lots of walking and riding with long stirrups (loving my Heather Moffett Vogue!). I don’t think Zelda minds taking it easy. It gives us more time to enjoy the sights, watch the deer and count the robins. I’m trying to build up to hunting again, but know I have to listen to my body.

While I did enjoy having Zelda in a full care barn for the winter, it’s a treat to have her back near me so that I can sneak over for a quick ride when I have a break. I know many people drive far to their barns (the winter barn was 42 minutes each way), but that definitely cuts down on spontaneity. For me, it also meant that every time I made the effort to go to the barn, it felt like it had to be important — I had to accomplish a goal or ride well. I like being able to stop by and give Zelda a pat, or groom her, or play with clicker training, or ride for 20 minutes without worrying about the fact that I spent four times my ride time driving. I appreciate the proximity a lot more now than I used to, even while I miss the indoor.

But, with trails right next to the barn and glorious spring weather, who wants to be inside!

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