Happy to be Riding

I haven’t been riding much this winter. For one thing, I have a lingering fear of riding in icy conditions. Not sure I’ll ever get over that! But also I’ve been traveling a lot and when I’m home, it’s hard to get motivate to ride in temperatures under 20 degrees. However, we had a few […]

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Winter Dance

The sun drops out of the sky so quickly now. By four thirty, it’s dark. But there is a magical moment just before that happens where the light dances on the trees as they sway gently in the wind. The silver birches glow and and shimmer and for just those moments you can almost forget […]

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A Very Tired Horse

Zelda yawning

Zelda was tuckered out after our ride yesterday. So was I. Although I’ve been riding regularly, I haven’t been out for a two hour ride for way too long. A few friends came over to join us on the trails and we had a great time gallivanting. The only downside is that it was too […]

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Stretching our Wings

I wrote earlier about My New Relationship with Fear, I described my strategy of slowly, but surely expanding our circle of distance and experience. Last week, I took Freedom on his first off-site trip since before the accident. This poor horse has been relegated to riding mostly in the ring because he’s just not as […]

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A Successful Pace Event

Zelda and I went on our first post-recovery hunter pace last weekend. I am not ashamed to admit that doubts plagued me the day before. Should I go? Was I ready? Would Zelda behave? One of the fallouts from my accident last winter is the residual fear, and I have to remind myself that 1) […]

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Watching Fall Arrive

Fall foliage

Dusk is falling earlier and earlier. I left the barn at 4 p.m. today for a ride and already the light was turning golden and barred owls were calling to each other in the woods. There were two owls, their distinctive “who cooks for you?” cry echoing through the woods. Zelda and I went in […]

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Holding onto those Lazy Summer Days

surrounded by Queen Anne's lace

Back in the dark ages when I was still a kid, summer seemed to last forever. There were endless hot and steamy days, picking flowers, chasing butterflies, riding horses and eating raspberries. Time stretched and slowed. Now, time slips through my fingers like water. It’s already August and, after waiting all winter for summer, it’s […]

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