Getting Freedom Fit Again


After a long summer of growing out his hoof, Freedom finally is back under saddle. I’m taking it easy right now, mostly walking him. Or at least walking him as much as he will tolerate. It’s just as well that the “live” version of the featured photo doesn’t show all the head tossing or jigging […]

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Is there anything better than an early morning ride with a friend?

Summer morning ride

How much fun it was to meet a friend and take an early morning ride. The bugs were miserable in the woods, but out in the open you barely noticed them. It’s easy to kill an hour or so hacking in the summer sunshine, letting your horse grab a snack along the way (Zelda was […]

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Go Walk Your Horse

Go Walk Your Horse

I’m so glad to see people promoting one of the best things you can do with your horse — go for a long walk. It makes me feel virtuous and “in the know” as it’s one of my favorite things to do. This Facebook post says: Go walk your horse. Saddle up and go walk […]

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Expanding my territory

our ride

By most objective standards, I’ve recovered from my fall. I’m riding again, I rarely feel like I’m going to lose my balance and trip, my ankle doesn’t hurt most of the time and I have almost regained the full range of motion in my shoulder. The mental aspects of recovery take longer. Hunting again was […]

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A carpet of spring flowers

A carpet of spring flowers

This is one of my favorite times of the year to ride. The bugs aren’t out yet and the landscape has colors that rival fall, albeit in a subtler hue. Zelda is pretty sure that every one of these flowers will taste different — but good. She does her best to snatch tastes along the […]

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Here comes the Sun!

Finally the sun

After so, so much rain we finally had a proper spring day. Temps in the low 60s, a light breeze, and sun, glorious sun. Don’t they say, never look a gift horse in the mouth? Must mean that you have to ride two horses to get double the sun. Freedom is the best horse to […]

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Watching the leaves unfurl

The onset of spring happens in a tumble of blossoms and buds. It’s as if the plants can’t wait to unfurl after a New England winter of ice and snow. Today, the trees — bare just days ago — are covered with baby red leaves, glimmering in the sun. The sky and the pond melted […]

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