A Mother’s Day Ride

Mother's Day Ride

This is the first time in eight years that I’ve enjoyed a Mother’s Day Ride. For the past eight years, I’ve spent Mother’s Day at crew regattas, cheering one of my kids on. It’s become a tradition. However, with both my kids living away and my daughter’s crew season cancelled, today was a good day for a ride.

It was sunny today, but windy and brisk. The horses will full of themselves.

What with the shelter in place requirements in Massachusetts, I have been staying close to home, mostly riding on property and haven’t ridden with any of my friends. Today, I went out with a friend. Yes, we stayed physically distant. But what a pleasure to ride together!

The day was brisk and windy. The horses were full of life. Zelda was showing off in front of Jaz, threatening to buck. She must be coming into heat.

Now, I’m not complaining about being isolated. I know I’m lucky that I can spend time with my horses and ride. I know people who aren’t so lucky. But I can’t wait until I can meet friends, trailer out, and even hunt. We’re hoping that hunting resumes in the fall.

What did you do this Mother’s Day? Were you able to do something fun? Spend time with your family? Or perhaps you had the chance to ride your horse.

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