Indian Summer

Indian Summer

After some terrible, cold, rainy weather we finally had a day of 60-degree weather. Had to get out and enjoy it while it lasts. I felt a little bad for Zelda as I haven’t clipped her yet and she got pretty hot. But not so bad that we didn’t go out for a good hack.

Fuzzy Zelda
Zelda has a good winter coat going right now. She had a good roll on the hay after our ride.

There’s been a lot of wildlife out and about. There are the deer, of course. Sometimes a whole herd stands in the middle of the trail and stare at me. They are not even remotely afraid of me or Zelda. Even when I shout at them they don’t move.

More interesting was the fisher cat that scooted up a tree. . . and then straight down again. Only fishers run head first down a tree. Zelda was less amused. I suspect it must have smelled very strange to her.

And last week a porcupine waddled across the trail. What a silly looking creature it was. Again, Zelda found it to be spook worthy, but I think it was more afraid of us.

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