Zelda and the Blustery Day

Blustery day

Today was the first sunny day after a week of rain. So what if the wind was blowing at typhoon levels. Okay, maybe not that high, but enough to wonder if you might fall over.

I had to ride. I’ve had a long tough week with very limited horse time. So I started with a good grooming session. After picking eight ticks off of Zelda, I decided to give it a whirl.

The last of the color
There aren’t too many leaves left on the trees, but there were still a few glittering in the sun.

Boy was she a good girl. When the trees rattled and branches fell, she ambled on unconcerned. The only time she got a bit spooked was when a buck chased two does out of the woods and across the field. I couldn’t really blame her.

The week of rain and wind left most of the trees bare, but there was still a bit of the beautiful fall foliage.

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