Happy Halloween!

Dragon jumpin

It’s a windy, spooky night here in Massachusetts. Very warm, but drizzling and a bit foggy. A perfect Halloween evening, except for the fact that we haven’t had a single trick or treater. When my kids were little I always wanted to dress as a witch and ride my black Trakehner around the neighborhood. That would have been a hoot.

Every year I look for the best costumes and every year I’m amazed by how good some horses are about what they wear! I can imagine Zelda being fairly tolerant, but Freedom? I might as well just dress him up as Secretariat and be done with it.

So, here’s what I found for this year.

Lone Ranger
I believe this youngster is the Lone Ranger. I LOVE the POA.
Popeye the Sailor Man
This is one of those costumes where I am so impressed that the horse is compliant.
See, here’s a costume for Freedom. We could also run really fast if necessary.
Great Mastodon! But would your horse tolerate the hair?


I’d be keen to go on a safari on this horse!
This dragon’s eye is looking a bit wild. I hope Dad holds on tight.
Starbucks anyone?
Starbucks latte anyone?
Got Milk?
Amazing how much this pony looks like a cow. And I love the farmer.
Now this is every horseman’s nightmare. The empty halter!
Rocking horse
How do you get your horse to agree to this?
And here’s one of my personal favorites. That witch just didn’t look where she was going!

What great costumes have you seen?

4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. I love those costumes! I believe the “empty halter” is actually an invisible horse 🙂
    Completely amazed by the patience all those horses are showing!

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