The Spectacle that is Fall in New England

The spectacle that is fall

Although I hate the fact that darkness is falling earlier every day, drastically reducing my ability to ride (and work), on a sunny day in the spectacle that is fall in New England is breathtaking. Zelda loves the fall because it means that I stop and take pictures. She pretends to be looking, too, but she’s mostly lazy and enjoys standing still.

I am entranced by the colors of the leaves when lit by the warm autumn light. Every day I watch the leaves change a bit more; every day they are breathtaking. At the end of a long day, I find the time on horseback enjoying the wonders of fall foliage to be remarkably soothing.

Here are some photos, mostly from today. I like to capture these jewel like moments for when the bright foliage fades into a gloomy November.

The leaves are dripping with color.
When I got out of my car the leaves were dripping with color.
This is one of my favorite trees. It's on the drive to the barn and it is magnificent.
This tree is on the way to the barn. It’s one of my favorites as it has turned a range of colors.
At the beginning of my ride, these trees looked lit from within.
At the beginning of our ride today, these trees looked like they were lit from within.
The fall light lit up these trees as I rode by.
This was at about 5 p.m. when the sun was still strong.
Forty five minutes later, the light was fading but the soft colors were still gorgeous.
Looking through Zelda's ears at the reflection on the pond.
A few of the trees were still brightly lit and the pond was quite still, offering a wonderful reflection
Fall foliage reflected on the pond.
Which way is up? I love the reflections of the trees.

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  1. WOW. This is the one thing I miss about the Midwest…the fall colors. We don’t get these colors in the Pacific Northwest, just shades of yellow. Oh well. I can enjoy them vicariously through your camera lens.

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