The Mustangs: America’s Wild Horses

The mustangs

The Mustangs: America’s Wild Horses is a beautifully shot documentary that provides a somewhat rose-colored glasses view on the dilemma that America’s wild horses find themselves in today: namely, a fast-growing population that is competing for limited resources and under siege by ranchers, the Bureau of Land Management and unscrupulous dealers who ship the horses […]

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RIP Charlie Watts — Rolling Stones Drummer and Arabian Horse Breeder

Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts died today, age 80. Just three weeks ago he had pulled out of the band’s upcoming tour after undergoing surgery. Watts joined the Rolling Stones in 1963. While Charlie Watts may be a rock legend, he and his wife, Shirley (whom he married in 1964), were also very respected Arabian […]

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No Need to Call Twice

It must be a Clydesdale thing. You only need to call them once for dinner. Given how Zelda makes the earth shake under her feet — and there’s only one of her, and she’s only half Clyde — it must feel like an earthquake when these ladies come running!

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Upper Paleolithic Foal Recovered from Siberia

Paleothic Foal Recovered from Siberia

How cool is this? Scientists from the North-Eastern Federal University, and Kindai University in Japan discovered a dark brown, three month old foal buried during the Ice age in an area called the Batagai depression in Siberia. This is the first time a pre-historic horse this young has been found intact and with such an […]

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Is Gulliver the World’s smallest Horse?


Gulliver, born last year in Russia, looks like he will take over the crown for the smallest male miniature horse. Most of the breed measures a maximum of 34 inches; Gulliver is only 19″ tall now and was only the size of a cat when he was born. He is still smaller than Enstein, who […]

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You can Lead a Horse to Water

The tradition of shrimp fishing dates back to the 13th century, but it is an art that almost died out. Not long ago, only three mounted shrimp fisherman remained. That number has grown to 19 as people in the Belgian village of Oostduinkerke work to sustain their cultural heritage. “The strong Brabant horses walk breast-deep […]

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Are the days of the Big Lick Walkers numbered?

My first reaction when I saw Fran’s article was, it’s about time! Big Lick Walking Horses have been (in my opinion) subjected to an unusually perverted form of torture under the auspices of “performance” for many years. Who, after all, actually wants their horse to have gaits like this so badly that they use keg […]

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Chincoteague Pony Auction Raises $151,575.00

Today a few kids had their dreams come true and they left the annual Pony Auction the proud owner of a genuine Chincoteague pony foal. Nine year old Emily Kemper even got some help from a stranger in the crowd, who contributed the extra $100 she needed for her winning bid. And two lucky kids […]

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