Budweiser Clydesdales Rock Russia

CGI Clydesdales

This Budweiser Mockumentary aired in Russia this year. I’m always up for the Budweiser Clydesdales (they are Zelda’s favorite, too), but these five are a bit too clever at playing their parts. Pretty good for CGI, but disappointing that they aren’t real. These are all keyframes horses animated in 3D. Pretty cool? or pretty lame? […]

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Go Clydesdales!

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and, as a Bostonian, I suppose I should be rooting for the Patriots. And, of course, they are my second choice, right after the Clydesdales! Zelda agrees completely. Readers may notice I’ve been out of touch this past week. Instead of communing with horses, I’ve been spending time with my nephews. […]

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Journey to the Super Bowl

As the 2016 Super Bowl approaches, let’s focus on what’s really important. The Budweiser Clydesdales. This compilation shows the training and hard work that goes into our favorite commercials. Plus, I just love the Clydesdales.

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