Is Gulliver the World’s smallest Horse?


Gulliver, born last year in Russia, looks like he will take over the crown for the smallest male miniature horse. Most of the breed measures a maximum of 34 inches; Gulliver is only 19″ tall now and was only the size of a cat when he was born. He is still smaller than Enstein, who […]

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As Einstein turns 1 he’s still only 20″ tall

Remember Einstein? When he was born last April Einstein was heralded as the world’s smallest horse, standing just 14″ tall and weighing 6 pounds. As he approaches his first birthday, Einstein is still tiny. He stands just 20″ tall. I’m sure the full sized stallion pictured with him here has no idea they are both […]

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Einstein the new contender for the world’s smallest horse!

This little guy is just too cute! Einstein was born on April 22nd in Barnstead, NH weighing just six pounds and standing only 14 inches tall. That’s  a new record; according to one of Einstein’s owners, Dr Rachel Wagner, the Guinness Book of Records lists the smallest newborn horse as weighing just 9lbs. Most newborn […]

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