Tune into Equus: The Story of the Horse

Equus: the story of the horse

Next up on the Covid-19 viewing schedule for me is the Nature program Equus: The Story of the Horse. I missed it when it first aired, but it’s still available to watch for free online. The relationship between man and his noble steed is almost as old as civilization itself. Ever since the mysterious beginning […]

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Tim Flach in Action: The Making of Equus

One of the most viewed posts on my blog highlights the photography of Tim Flach. I recently came across several YouTube videos that show the behind the scenes set up for several of the photographs in his new work, Equus. I really enjoyed hearing him interviewed and watching the set up of the photographs.

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When Horses had Toes They Didn’t Need Shoes

Horses in Wyoming are nothing new. In fact, the ancestors of the horses we know today were roaming what are now the plains 50 million years ago. Called Hyracotherium, this mammal was small, the size of a small dog or fox. But fossils of these tiny pre-equines are rare. One of the most recent finds […]

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