Tim Flach in Action: The Making of Equus

One of the most viewed posts on my blog highlights the photography of Tim Flach. I recently came across several YouTube videos that show the behind the scenes set up for several of the photographs in his new work, Equus.

I really enjoyed hearing him interviewed and watching the set up of the photographs.

4 thoughts on “Tim Flach in Action: The Making of Equus

  1. Thank you for collecting and posting these. I’ve seen his amazing photography, such vision, compassion and talent. It’s incredible to see these videos, get a sense of the man and the scope of his work. Wow.

  2. you beat me to the post again!
    I can’t stay up all night trying to anticipate your every move, girl!
    BTW, did you know that the third video has been removed?
    I very much enjoyed seeing these videos. Thanks for posting them!

  3. I’m just going to start checking you every day before I write. Should have been doing that all along! It would save me some time. Great minds!
    I don’t know why that one video was pulled and not the others.

  4. Thank you so much for posting these videos- I see I am a year late to see them but they’re still great. I am particularly fond of the one of the one-eyed horse as my beloved horse had his eye removed a year ago. My friend, an equine photographer, made my day by photographing him, with the “no eye” side showing, as most people tend to try to avoid it. He is still the same great horse I will always love! Thanks again for posting!

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