Visiting Freedom

After Zelda died, I had an overwhelming need to visit Freedom. He’s been retired in Virginia since October of 2021, after I broke my ankle for a second time. Too much time had passed since I’d seen him and although I’d gotten regular updates from the retirement facility, I needed to touch him again and […]

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Getting Freedom Fit Again

Freedom in the tall grass

After a long summer of growing out his hoof, Freedom finally is back under saddle. I’m taking it easy right now, mostly walking him. Or at least walking him as much as he will tolerate. It’s just as well that the “live” version of the featured photo doesn’t show all the head tossing or jigging […]

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You can take the horse away from the racetrack . . .

Freedom Flying

Yesterday I wrote about a racehorse that didn’t want to race any more. Today, I’d like to share a video of Freedom, playing in his pasture. Thank goodness he never bucks like that under saddle. I can handle the galloping but the bucking might be too much. One of the funniest parts of the video […]

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Giving Thanks

There was a lot to give thanks for yesterday — foxhunting, family and fabulous food. First was foxhunting. Our hunt holds an annual Thanksgiving Day hunt that leaves from The Old Manse in Concord. Built in 1770, The Old Manse, became the center of Concord’s political, literary, and social revolutions over the course of the […]

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Freedom is the perfect color for the fall

The leaves are starting to drop from the trees but riding through the woods, you still get a canopy of color that rivals stained glass windows. Freedom is the perfect color for the fall. His gleaming chestnut coat blends perfectly with the intensity of the foliage. I took Freedom over to the Perfect Field this […]

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Freedom feels fabulous again!

  Tuesday didn’t have a promising start. I overslept, which meant that my carefully scheduled morning, which involved hitching my trailer and pulling it when I drove my daughter to school, was derailed. By the time I’d dropped her off, hitched it, driven to the barn, fed the horses and loaded my horse, I knew […]

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