Freedom is the perfect color for the fall

Freedom in the Fall
You can see that the leaves are falling and the colors are softer and muted. Actually, Freedom blends right in!

The leaves are starting to drop from the trees but riding through the woods, you still get a canopy of color that rivals stained glass windows. Freedom is the perfect color for the fall. His gleaming chestnut coat blends perfectly with the intensity of the foliage.

This is the pathway to the Perfect Field. It just has the look of a secret passage!

I took Freedom over to the Perfect Field this week. He’s not too keen about crossing the bridges to get there, but he’ll learn. It’s the perfect starting place for a longer ride so I’ve been scrutinizing the trail maps of the surrounding towns to figure out how far I can ride without having to trailer. I am inspired to go out for several hours and really start to own this trail system. Right now I’m riding about 7 miles on most of our hacks, but the horses aren’t at all ready to come home. They could go a lot further.

The view over the marsh lands


Stained Glass
The light through the leaves looks like stained glass.


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