Vibration Platform Helps Horses Recover from Injuries

Vibration Platform

A couple of years ago, my daughter bought us a vibration platform. She extolled its virtues: the full body vibrations cause your muscles to contract and activate, it improves muscle tone, and increases your metabolism, circulation and bone density. And all you do is stand on one. Whole Body Vibration Therapy was originally developed by […]

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A Time of Healing

This winter both Freedom and I are rehabbing. He’s still off with his SI injury — massage is helping but with no indoor, it’s hard to keep him in regular work. With less incentive (or ability to ride) I’ve decided that it’s finally time to fix the aches and pains that have been bothering me. […]

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The healing power of horses

I think we all know how much better our horses can make us feel, but here’s a story about a couple in England who are bringing the healing power of horses to children who need it.

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