Vibration Platform Helps Horses Recover from Injuries

Vibration Platform

A couple of years ago, my daughter bought us a vibration platform. She extolled its virtues: the full body vibrations cause your muscles to contract and activate, it improves muscle tone, and increases your metabolism, circulation and bone density. And all you do is stand on one. Whole Body Vibration Therapy was originally developed by NASA to help astronauts maintain muscle tone and bone density in space.

I used it quite a bit when I was recovering from my broken bones. I mean, I was willing to do almost anything to accelerate my recovery. My usage has slipped off over time. But I may start again.

You see, I was at my vet’s office a few weeks ago (visiting a friend’s horse) and I saw a horse happily eating hay while standing on a giant vibration platform. It turns out that they use it to increase circulation, improved bone density, hoof growth and the relief of joint and muscle soreness while horses are on stall rest. The vet tech I spoke to said it helps horses maintain their topline and helps speed the recovery of tendon and suspensory injuries.

This is the human sized vibration platform that we have.

According to the manufacturer, riders have find that their horses move better when receiving regular Vitafloor therapy, due to increased blood circulation to warm and relax muscles.

Let’s face it. I need all the help I can get. It’s painless to stand on and kind of entertaining. It makes you feel all tingly, especially at higher speeds. Maybe my daughter was right after all.

Have you (or your horse) tried vibration therapy?

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