What book titles describe your life as an equestrian

Equestrian books

I love this graphic. I particularly relate to Broke, Broken and Bedraggled. As for the titles I’d write? Never say it can’t get worse or Mystery Lamenesses and the Treatments you can Try or 101 Saddles. As a matter of fact, I am writing a novel with an equestrian theme. Stay tuned for a few […]

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Horses Adored, Men Endured

Is Susan Friedland-Smith the Bridget Jones of the equestrian world? Certainly, her new memoir, Horses Adored and Men Endured captures the same humor (albeit with a decidedly more Christian slant) in her description of bad dates on the search for Mr. Right. If you’ve read Susan’s blog, Saddle Seeks Horse, I’m sure you’ll enjoy her […]

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How Black Beauty changed the way we view horses

Black Beauty — which was first published in 1877 — is still one of the most widely read “horse” books around. Recently it was chosen by NPR for it’s Backseat Book Club. The article and commentary are well worth reading/listening to. Black Beauty was Anna Sewell’s only published book, although her mother, Mary Wright Sewell, […]

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