What book titles describe your life as an equestrian

Equestrian books

I love this graphic. I particularly relate to Broke, Broken and Bedraggled.

As for the titles I’d write? Never say it can’t get worse or Mystery Lamenesses and the Treatments you can Try or 101 Saddles.

As a matter of fact, I am writing a novel with an equestrian theme. Stay tuned for a few excerpts. I’m looking for beta readers!

What about you? What titles do you have on your mind?

3 thoughts on “What book titles describe your life as an equestrian

  1. “Messing With Your Head and Other Horse Tricks”.
    One of my favourite books on horses is “Little Horse of Iron” by Lawrence Scanlan. It alternates between the history of the Canadian breed and the author’s, who has minimal riding experience, search, purchase and training failures and successes with a Canadian horse. As I own a Canadian mare, I can relate to many of his adventures!

  2. WHERE did you get this graphic? They’re tooooo funny. Goodness, I think, titles for me would include: “The Arena Roof: Tales of Falling Off” “The Hoof: 1200 pounds in your hands” “Stthppt: horse clipping in the barn breezeway”
    This is fun, Liz. Maybe we should try writing something based on these titles!

  3. Hello, Liz, I tried to use your lizgo email address to tell you I would be interested in being a beta reader, but your computer must think it’s spam because it doesn’t appear as if you’ve responded.
    I don’t know what a beta reader does, but I’d be glad to help. I’m already writing a ‘book’…it’s here on Word Press as well as on Blogger. I’m using a blog to publish it because I doubt it would ever sell, nor am I interested in making money from it. Copyright laws prevent me from doing that anyway, so I”m just writing it for fun.
    But to get back to the topic…I’m Khutulan,(my WP name is subodai213) I write “Through the Bridle Lightly” here on WP and on Blogger. Let your computer sniff my hand, she’ll know i”m a friend. 🙂
    You can write me at warmblood213 at gmail.com I’m using the word ‘at’ rather than the @ symbol to prevent spam, trawlers, etc.

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