10 years later


The universe is messing with me today. You know how Facebook brings up old posts? Well Shutterfly does it with photos. The ones they served up to me today, were of my beautiful Trakehner gelding, Kronefust. He was already on my mind. Earlier this week I took photos at a hunt — the last territory […]

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It Can Happen to Any Horse


People who have known me for a long time will remember my magnificent Trakehner gelding, Kronefurst. But hardly any knows how close he came to being auctioned off to pay back board. It’s a story worth retelling because it shows you how quickly even a much loved, well bred, sound horse can find himself in […]

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Thinking of Kroni

It was two years ago today that Kroni died. I still miss him, although the pain is more of a dull ache now. Something that sneaks up on me, rather than a sharp hurt. These past few weeks he’s been on my mind. First, there was a hunt at the last place I ever rode […]

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Horse Houdinis or, who needs opposable thumbs to open a stall door?

The first time Kroni got out of his stall, I thought that whoever had fed him hadn’t latched his door. I started to get suspicious when it happened a second time. Then, one day when I was in the tackroom I saw him unlatch the door. He would only do it when he thought I […]

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