Thinking of Kroni

It was two years ago today that Kroni died. I still miss him, although the pain is more of a dull ache now. Something that sneaks up on me, rather than a sharp hurt.

These past few weeks he’s been on my mind. First, there was a hunt at the last place I ever rode him. I couldn’t bring myself to ride there this fall because it was almost exactly the date when he first started to show the symptoms of the blood clot that took his life.

Then, this week, I had a compulsion to ride Freedom in Kroni’s bitless bridle. I soon remembered that Freedom is not Kroni and that bitless to him just means brake-less.

No, Freedom isn’t Kroni. But I’ve been lucky to forge such a strong partnership with him. When you lose a horse like Kroni you wonder if you’ll ever have a horse that you can relate to in the same way and enjoy as much. Freedom hasn’t exactly replaced Kroni but his extreme willingness to please and his sweet disposition have gone a long way toward making him irreplaceable in a different way. HisĀ  extreme athleticism doesn’t hurt, either.

When Kroni died, Freedom missed him terribly too. He was very bonded to Kroni, certainly more than he was bonded to me. It was partially in response to that loss that he now is bonded to me. I might not have gone to the barn much at all after Kroni died except for the fact that Freedom needed the attention and the distraction and it was in those firs few months that he started to become more than just my “spare” horse.

I’m sure if horses have an after life, Kroni is enjoying the green fields and is grateful that Freedom is now hauling my butt over all those fences and making sure that I stay safe. He did a good job for so many years, I guess it was time for him to pass me along to the next horse. He chose well.

4 thoughts on “Thinking of Kroni

  1. Things have a way of ambushing you, don’t they? Kroni did indeed choose well, from the sound of your hunt reports, which i have been enjoying, by the way. Freedom brings his own challenges to the mix, but you have been safe and are enjoying yourself. And Freedom has you to love!
    Things have been sneaking up on me, too lately. I took my daughter to my old barn to ride while I was recently in VA. She used my tack trunk, met my old friends, and we looked around for Marksman Millie while we waited for Wizard Liz. My heart was in my throat.
    No Millie. Heart getting even bigger in my throat. Where was she? At 20 years old, you never know. Why didn’t they tell me?
    Turns out she is retired now, after that nagging left hind injury she got at the age of 12 kept her from second field, and then from hilltopping. She is at last enjoying bossing around the other mares in lush green fields without the worries associated with dopey novice riders. I just wish I’d known. Next time I go to VA, I will find her. If only to drive the 100 miles out, nuzzle her, remind her of all the things she taught me and how much I love her, and drive back again. Thank you for reminding me that I chose well, too. And that I have to thank her while I can.

    1. Wow, to not see Millie must have been so scary. Glad to hear she’s enjoying life. I do regret that I wasn’t able to retire Kroni. I pictured him growing old, fat and shaggy.

  2. Kroni sounds like such a fantastic horse from everything you’ve told me. I wish I could have met him!

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