Only an Abscess

It's just an abscess

When your horse hobbles up the hill for breakfast absolutely dead lame, the first thought that goes through your mind is, I hope it’s only an abscess. I can still remember the first time I had a horse with an abscess. I arrived to find him standing on three legs, refusing to put weight on […]

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Magic Cushion is working its magic

Magic Cushion

In Dealing with Wet Hooves I mentioned that Freedom had a hoof abscess after a fast hunt on rough terrain, exacerbated by the wet conditions. Well, it turned out he really had two abscesses. Although the vet thought that his discomfort on the left hind was caused by putting more weight on it. Actually, it […]

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Freedom looks like he’s on the mend

Although he’s still favoring his left hind, Freedom looks better. He’s walking better and, a lot of the time, he’s standing with weight on it. It’s hard to say if it was an abscess. I haven’t seen any discharge but, since I’ve been packing the foot with Magic Cushion after soaking it, that’s understandable. Magic […]

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