Freedom looks like he’s on the mend

Freedom on Alert
Freedom was absolutely fixated on something happening in the distance. He always seems larger when he's on alert. He's still resting his left hind, but he's looking more comfortable on it.

Although he’s still favoring his left hind, Freedom looks better.

He’s walking better and, a lot of the time, he’s standing with weight on it.

It’s hard to say if it was an abscess. I haven’t seen any discharge but, since I’ve been packing the foot with Magic Cushion after soaking it, that’s understandable.

Magic Cushion does seem to do a great job of helping with sore feet, but it’s messy to use and sticky beyond belief.

Using it in the freezing cold is challenging because it’s also hard to get out of the container. I have taken to putting the jar in a bucket of hot water to make it pliable enough to apply. Normally I’d cover the hoof packing with paper and then put a hoof boot over it. However, since it’s so icy, I’ve taken to putting an old sock over the wrapped hoof — the hoof boots don’t provide any traction and the sock stays on long enough for the packing to help before it disintegrates. Now I know what do do with all those marginal socks!

So, off to the barn for more soaking and packing. I hope he looks even better today.

3 thoughts on “Freedom looks like he’s on the mend

  1. What a handsome horse he is! Sorry to hear he’s been off behind. I haven’t heard of Magic Cushion — sounds like it does the trick, though. And what a great idea for recycling old socks!

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