First Mongolian winner of Mongol Derby

Earden-Ochir Uuganbayar is the first Mongolian to win the Mongol Derby

Erdene-Ochir Uuganbayar has made Mongol Derby history becoming the first native Mongolian to win the race. He crossed the finish line on Day 8, well ahead of the competition, and flashing his trademark grin. The 27 years old was born in a Mongolian herder family in Tuv Province and lives there with his wife and […]

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The Mongol Derby is Underway

Mongol Derby

Billed as the “longest and toughest horse race in the world”, the 2022 Mongol Derby is underway. Actually, the second of the 2022 races is underway. After canceling the 2020 and 2021 rides, the organizers chose to hold two races this year. The first one kicked off on July 23rd and the second race started […]

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70-Year Old Cowboy wins the Mongol Derby

Robert Long wins Mongol Derby

If the Tevis Cup (starting in just a few days) isn’t an intense enough competition for you, consider the Mongol Derby — a race that replicates Genghis Khan’s horse messenger system over 1000km of Mongolian steppe. If that doesn’t sound challenging enough, your mounts are semi-wild horses, which you swap out every 40 km and […]

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