First Mongolian winner of Mongol Derby

Earden-Ochir Uuganbayar is the first Mongolian to win the Mongol Derby

Erdene-Ochir Uuganbayar has made Mongol Derby history becoming the first native Mongolian to win the race. He crossed the finish line on Day 8, well ahead of the competition, and flashing his trademark grin.

The 27 years old was born in a Mongolian herder family in Tuv Province and lives there with his wife and two children. They raise horses, cows, sheep and goats. He started riding horses at a very early age and used to race in the local Naadams. He competed in the Equestrianists ‘Herder Trials’ in 2021, with his best event being the horse bucking competition.

Earden-Ochir Uuganbayar (Mongolia) had a slight hiccup today- his stirrup leather broke. In his usual smiley personality, he laughed it off then fellow rider Bilegbat Erdenesukh (Mongolia) and he made new ones by cutting off his goat leather lead from his bridle and making a new stirrup leather with it. Major points for resourcefulness.

From perusing the Facebook page, it looks like the riders rode through some amazing landscapes but also endured horrific weather: cold, pelting rain that had riders pouring water out of their boots.

Nice to see the winner giving his horse some love.

The race is still underway. I’ll report back after the last competitors cross the finish line.

3 thoughts on “First Mongolian winner of Mongol Derby

  1. Is that horse unusually small or is he really tall or is it just the angle of the photo?

    1. My guess is it’s a bit of both. The riders are limited in weight to 188 lbs because the horses are so small. He looks quite tall, although also very thin.

  2. Your eyes aren’t decieving you. The Mongolian horse isn’t a horse so much as a large pony. They normally run about 12 to 14 hands. They’re tough, tough little horses.

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