There’s no shame in using a mounting block!

Mounting log

After my accident, climbing onto Zelda seemed even more daunting than before. She’s a large girl and it’s a long way up! Even now, I’m not sure that I could get on her from the ground. Freedom is shorter and not so wide. In a pinch, I’ve been able to position him downhill and then […]

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A giant step up


It’s all part of my plan to get on my own horses again: a giant mounting block. Two steps just isn’t enough. And my regular tree stump is too big of a step up for me to safely clamber on before settling on a horse. No, I officially need a three-step mounting block — both […]

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Finally, Research Proves Mounting Blocks are Easier on your Horse’s Back

I can mount from the ground when it’s absolutely necessary. Especially if I position my horse slightly down hill. However, the combination of large horses and the stiffness of advancing age have made mounting from the ground somewhat less than graceful. That’s why I’m pleased to read that research conducted at Michigan State University’s College of […]

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