A giant step up


It’s all part of my plan to get on my own horses again: a giant mounting block.

Two steps just isn’t enough. And my regular tree stump is too big of a step up for me to safely clamber on before settling on a horse. No, I officially need a three-step mounting block — both to get on and hopefully get off — my horses. It’s the drop down from the saddle that I most dread. Or at least it’s what my ankle dreads.

Now, you might ask, if it’s so hard to get on and off your horse, should you be riding? Well, once I’m on, it’s not a problem so why should I let the mounting/dismounting get in the way of a perfectly good ride?

Three step mounting block
With my current recovering state, the only way I was going to get on a horse larger than Curly was with a ladder or a big mounting block.


This lovely block came all the way from Schneider’s, a tack shop that was just down the road from me when I lived in Pepper Pike, Ohio. Even shipped, this was by far the best deal I found: it was half the price of a similar mounting block from SmartPak!

Today I rode Curly, so two steps was enough. But Zelda better watch out. I’m working up to riding her soon!

Curly and I are working on our fitness. My ankle can only take about a half hour before having my weight in the stirrup gets too painful — and I’m not secure enough yet to ride long without my stirrups. However, it was such a treat to be out on this beautiful day.

4 thoughts on “A giant step up

  1. Hi Liz, I bought the same block last summer. Bottom line, I love it. I am 6’1″ and why should I need a tall block. Sometimes I just like to lift my leg over and not risk getting hung up in the stir up on a horse that hasn’t been ridden in a while. I did however take a bad tumble when it wasn’t on an even surface and it tipped over as I got on the top step. So be wary with the extra height.

    1. Yes, Lenore, it has most definitely occurred to me that the height has it’s risks! I will be very careful when I start to use it. No more falling for me, please!

  2. Is there a way to anchor this step? I’ve toppled with one of those, on ground I thought secure and even.
    A friend of mine has built a mounting “loft”, which is a sturdy wood construction, 4 steps up to a platform and you just … slide? onto the horses back. It’s in a fixed spot (permanently mounted to the side of the barn) and has seen lots of use and approval by all who ride their. Maybe your hubby / the barn owner could build you something like this?

    I love that you’re riding again and I’d hate to see you topple and reinjure … Please stay safe.

    1. I’m with you on that one! I’m going to be using it primarily in the dressage ring, so on flat, even ground. But I like the idea of anchoring it. I’m all for staying safe!

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