They’re always glad to see me

Glad to see me

One of the rewarding parts about feeding the horses is they are always glad to see me. First thing in the morning, or early evening (like tonight), they greet me with nickers and whinnies. They never complain that it’s the same old grain and hay.  Each day it is equally delicious. Even Curly, who gets the tiniest amount of grain, is eager for every mouthful.

Now that the weather has finally caught up with the calendar, it’s one of the parts I like best about keeping my horses in a self care barn. Taking care of Freedom, Zelda and Curly creates a deeper bond than I ever felt with my horses when I just came to ride them. It doesn’t hurt that it’s a particularly beautiful time in New England right now. Spring has emerged from the longest winter I can remember and now the evening air is heavy with the scent of lilac with a hint of crushed mint where Freedom has crushed the tender young plants under hoof.

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