Wild Flowers

wild flowers

Riding around the pond today the wild flowers glowed in the sun and the scent of the cherry-laden trees almost didn’t seem real. This is the Disney version of trail riding where the landscape is vibrant, the air is crisp and the deer pose by the woods, still as statues. If only it would last! […]

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Bitting Options: Universal Happy Tongue

Happy tongue bit

Much of the time in the winter I ride Zelda in a bitless bridle. It seems cruel to put a cold piece of metal in her mouth. Today? I could tell that she had some mischief in her. Something about the look in her eye. So I chose a bit that gives me a bit […]

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How do you know when you’re riding a thoroughbred? Well, first off, I think they can read. While I was traveling, a new gate and some very yellow caution tape appeared at the entrance to our trail system. Secondly, they are very sensitive to new things. They remember exactly what the trail looked like the […]

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A Great Day to be Hunting

The fall hunt season is drawing to a close but you would never have known it was November 19th today. It was nearly 60 degrees with bright, clear skies. What a treat! It was one of those hunts where you ride back to the trailer after two hours and wish you could go a bit […]

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Tally Ho!

Tally Ho is one of those expressions, like Dude, that I never thought would be part of my vernacular. And yet it has crept into my daily life to the point where it actually seems well, normal. I still feel a bit like I’m on Downton Abbey, but when you’re dressed in traditional hunt gear […]

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Indian summer

This is the fall that keeps on giving. Hunting down by the Concord River in temperatures that approached the mid 70s, it was hard to believe that it was the first week of November! I feel badly that I haven’t clipped my horses yet this fall. Usually by this time they are sporting their “racing […]

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