Indian summer

At the check
Here we are at the first check. It was positively hot out and I feel bad that I haven’t clipped her yet.

This is the fall that keeps on giving. Hunting down by the Concord River in temperatures that approached the mid 70s, it was hard to believe that it was the first week of November!

I feel badly that I haven’t clipped my horses yet this fall. Usually by this time they are sporting their “racing stripes” and have been trace clipped. When I was riding Zelda the other day, a couple in the woods commented how “shiny” she looked. I think it was just that she was so wet with sweat!

I keep Zelda about a 10 minute hack from the Punkataskett area on the bottom left of the map. The Hunt started up at Silver Hill Road. This week I plan to ride from my barn over to the river to enjoy the trails.

Zelda, after her game of tag, continued to be a bit naughty during the hunt. I would have thought the heat would slow her down but she pranced and danced sideways, wanting to gallop! I had considered hacking her to this hunt but I wasn’t sure exactly how far it would be and Zelda made us so late I had no choice but to trailer. I figured the ride out later in the week and it would have added about 7 miles round trip (not counting the hunt) to the day, so I was probably wise to trailer her. That would have taken the wind out of her sails and I would have needed quite a nap when I got home.

Concord River
Down by the Concord river there was still a bit of color
River trail
This is one of my favorite places to ride. We are very lucky that the landowner enjoys having the hunt come through.
First Check
At the first check we end up in a long galloping field. Last time we were here we say a coyote across the field. Luckily, the hounds didn’t catch his scent.
Drop and roll
Zelda enjoys a good roll after the hunt. She’s the first horse that I’ve owned who rolls on a lead line. Freedom always waits until we get home. Not Zelda! She wants to get comfortable as soon as possible.

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