Supersize That! Big, Biggest and Even Bigger

It's hard for me to imagine looking up to kiss my horse on the nose but that's what owner Cheryl Davis must do when kissing Remington.
It's hard for me to imagine looking up to kiss my horse on the nose but that's what owner Cheryl Davis must do when kissing Remington.

I got a comment earlier this week about my post Big, Bigger, Biggest. It seems that the record for the world’s tallest horse is a moving target — and right now that target is in Texas. Remington of Riverbend #M17523,  a 12 year old Clydesdale is somewhere over 20 hands. According to his trainer and driver Pat Morrissey, Owner/Operator of Belle Starre Carriages, they are waiting on the officials from The Guinness Book of World Records to tell them if he’s edged out the competition.

One thing is for sure. Remington has a supersized personality to go with his height! Pat Morrissey sent me the great photos and some background on the horse they call Remi.

“I’m his trainer /Driver. His owner is Cheryl Davis and she literally had to talk me into buying this boy. When we got him he was what would be called a long yearling. He was just a mere 17 hands. He stepped on her foot and it was love at first sight. I only agreed because the man who had bought him at the National Clyde sale had a halter on him that was too small and had literally grown into his flesh behind his ears and nose. OK. We’ll take him home and fix him and then he goes!! Ya right.

Raising Remi has been an adventure. The first thing he did when we got him home was to stand his front feet on the air conditioner so he might better see the roof of our house. Ever try to explain to a repairman or your ins company that your horse has crushed your air conditioner unit? I don’t recommend it.

He looks mighty pleased with his new toy!
He looks mighty pleased with his new toy!

Next, while being shod in front of the carport, he just had to see what the gutter on the roof was made of so he reached up (not very far I might add) and took a bite of it. Of course lets not forget when he decided to see if my new truck was edible. By far the best was my birthday, when I decided to have a day away from the horses and discovered upon my return that he had broken a tree (3 in. diameter and about 18 ft tall) and was now happily playing with his new stick much the same as a dog.

You would think I’d have learned better by then, but noo —  at least I got a photo of him playing with his next tree victim. We were looking for a potential match to my shire 18.2 and 2400 lbs. Again NOO. He now stands over 20 hands. How much we won’t say until the official word comes from Guinness. The last time we weighed him he was over 2700 lbs , but that was 2 yrs ago before he started to fill out. My guess today would be something over 3000.

Remi eats more than 2 square bales of hay, a little over 5.5 lbs of pelleted feed and 1/3 cup of oil per day, his water bucket is a 55 gallon drum, but lets not forget grazing and round bale rights!

I have permanent shin splints from ground driving him and doing cavalettis (4 yrs) for his co-ordination as we waited for his growth plates to begin to fuse. I have had 3 people run from our place when he threw a teenage tantrum. If they had only waited they would have seen that he was just a youngster playing, but his size intimidates.

As far as I know he is the tallest registered Clyde ever. He has driven a few private events, brought in the judges to the “Big D” horse show for the last 2 years and has quite the following in several states all hopefully awaiting the day when he gets recognition. We get phone calls from his fans regularly asking when that will be. Whatever else he is, if he gets the Guinness record or not, I know that I have been blessed to have this horse in my life. He has been a true once in a lifetime adventure but most of all with all the wonders in the world I know I only have to walk out to the barn to see one.

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  1. I have grown to understand and appreciate what a powerful bond there is between a horse and their owner. This story warms the heart!

  2. Best of luck with the world record. Remington is a big kid getting into all sorts of trouble, just like in the comic strip of the Great Dane. Move over, Marmaduke!

  3. Hey Remi, do you want a “Bud” with that??? Reach for the stars Remi….literally !!! :o)

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