Horse Surfing, Part II

Horse surfing and kite boarding add a new level of excitement to equestrian pursuits.
Horse surfing adds a new level of excitement to equestrian pursuits.

People are always thinking of new, fun things to do with their horse. Although I must admit that this had never occurred to me: water skiing while being towed by a horse!

Actually, it’s called horse surfing. Early in 2005 the Independent horse, working with The Company of Horsemen and Matt Smith from Air Jam of Newquay, were the first in the world to tow a kite board behind a horse.

The Independent Horse was formed in 2003 by Daniel Fowler-Prime, a professional stunt man. His goal was to bring horse riding in to the field of extreme sports and to supply horses, riders and special action extras to the live show
and film industries.

In addition to introducing the new sport of horse surfing, they continue to push the boundaries of their show by adding stunt riding to the mix.

According to Fowler-Prime, this is a sport that attracts people who are bored (or should we say board) of traditional riding!

What I can’t figure out is if the horses are running so fast because theyare being chased by the surfer? or because they think it’s cool! Looking at the video, it seems like the horses are having fun too.

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